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Witnessing of Seal-breaking


We act as independent witness and will ensure the following seal verification and sample identification as listed below.

Sample must, and other samples should, be sealed with a tamper proof security seal with a unique identity number by the supplier’s representative, witnessed by the receiving vessel’s representative. Sample bottle labels should be completed in the presence of both supplier and vessel’s representatives and should contain the following information:

  • Name and IMO number of receiving vessel*
  • Date of commencing delivery*
  • Name of bunker barge/tanker/bunker installation*
  • Sampling location and method*
  • Signatures and names of supplier’s representative and the vessel’s representative*
  • Seal identification number*
  • Bunker grade*
  • Port and location of bunkering
  • Name of bunker supplier

The items marked with an asterisk should be recorded on the MARPOL sample in accordance with the IMO Guidelines. In addition, the seal number of the MARPOL sample should be recorded on the Bunker Delivery Note (BDN). It is recommended that all other seal numbers are also recorded on the BDN.

Any dispute durin the witnessing shall be notified and recorded in the witness report created by the laboratory.