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Universal Marine Surveying and Consultancy

Universal Marine Surveying and Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1991 with a mission to provide good quality and reliable service to all our clients. In keeping with the leading industry's standards we have continually achieved ISO 9001 standards for quality management since 1998.

With a keen interest and drive to embrace the latest and most efficient methods of inspection in the industry, we are aptly qualified and are glad to be of service to you. We welcome the opportunity to describe to you just how these services can be tailored to your special requirements.

Universal strives to be a trusted international inspections company and offers a wide range of quantity, quality checks and related services. Our services are designed to facilitate the safe movement of goods, avoiding any complications resulting from improper handling and post-delivery problem. In summary, Universal's services help you to minimize risks due to delay, damage and loss.

In the course of our service we have been assigned to conduct inspection of various forms around the world. Our call of service has extended to many parts of Asia, Africa and Europe.

Universal is keen and interested to have an opportunity to be of service to your company. We have experienced and capable personnel who are well versed in their field of assignments. Given an opportunity, we assure you of our prompt, best attention and service at all times.

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