Feb 27,2017 Back

Many Cities have made use of AI technology: surveillance cameras monitoring patterns to detect crime, and applications that lead to highly capable use of public transport schedules, implementing electronic road pricing on road networks and control traffic lights to reduce heavy jams. Now New technology and new AI applications will have a large impact on our lives, such as health monitoring applications, alerting people to risks, and fast and timely or prompt delivery of services. Study realises that AI technology will displace jobs, Digitisation has affected workers in the “skilled middle” rather than the "highest or lowest" skilled work. In Singapore I think the government is leading the way for the next generation. AI will have large impact in our lives with driverless cars, for instance, could release car parking land. This will have a knock-on effect on land use and development. In other areas, AI will create new jobs that we cannot imagine. Professionals will need to adjust to this future demand and move to higher-value activity. AI has many concerns: ethical and social issues, privacy and security. Public trust will be tested as automation replaces human interaction. There may be need for regulations for regulating robots and computer programs in the future. How can we apply ethics and behaviour to machines, and how will hold them liable? We therefore need to have intelligent approach to technology.